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S'marvelous You should care for me! You've made my life so glamorous, You can't blame me for feeling amorous. I quickly grew jealous of Momma-I loved to dance with Daddy.

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He dipped her, causing her long hair to touch the floor, and gave her a sweet kiss. When they stood up straight again, Momma stood on her tiptoes to kiss Daddy's lips. It was such a contrast from Denise and her family that I suddenly found that I liked it. I smiled as I watched them, my dolls forgotten.

Just as the lyrics were about to play again, I put the dolls down and ran to Daddy, reaching my arms up to him. He laughed and bent to pick me up, kissing my cheek. My dear, it's four-leaf clover time, From now on my heart's working overtime. Oh,'s wonderful, 's marvelous, That you should care for me.

Momma watched us with a smile on her face as Daddy spun me around and dipped me low to the ground. He placed a kiss on my belly, making me giggle. I'll teach you how to play it. Did you find anything you liked? I happily went to her arms. Momma walked to the trunk of toys and sat with me. She bit her lip like she always did when she was thinking hard. I passed the dress to her and looked her in the face. When you love someone so much, you want to announce it to the world.

I slowly shook my head. I'm not going to give up my dances. He laughed and took them from me, gracefully balancing the dolls, vase, and record. We walked to Annie's counter and he placed the items there. I've never seen a more adorable display of affection. I nodded and reached for him. He picked me up and held me in the crook of his arm, kissing my cheek.

I smiled and gave him a better kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and winked at Momma, who was standing behind him. He laughed and squeezed me tight before kissing my forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, and lips. I giggled at the way his smooth skin tickled mine. What is that for? And it didn't even bother me when Daddy and Momma repeated the whole thing. And as the old Gershwin song went…. Like I said, go watch the movie. Also, check out my Formspring and ask me a question. You don't even have to sign up. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Nessie is embarrassed by her parents' public displays of affection, and she finally asks Bella why they are so mushy. One of Nessie's first lessons in love. Fluff to the extreme and lots of Daddyward, because he's the best! This is one of Renesmee's first lessons in love.

Hutch Sings Gershwin and Porter. Leslie Hutchinson, Caribbean born Grenada British cabaret singer and pianist, began his career in the US but wound up in London where he was very popular during the late Twenties and Thirties. The video of Hutchinson singing and playing "He Loves and She Loves" , probably uses the same track as on album referred to above.

In the original Broadway production, the song was sung by Fred's sister Adele in a duet with Allan Kearns. Fred and Adele co-starred in the show but sister and brother in real life, they never played romantically involved couples on stage. By the time Funny Face became a movie, Adele had retired from show business, trading it in for marriage to a British aristocrat.

The screenplay, bearing no resemblance to the show's book , finds Fred singing "He Loves and She Loves" to Audrey, as in the clip in the center column below. The track from the album above and on the musicvideo is the same track found on the album Ella Fitzgerald Sings The George And Ira Gershwin Song Book as well as on all the Verve spin-offs from that album. Louis Armstrong does not join her on the recording. The album shown above is a compilation of the two artists' individual takes on Gershwin songs.

The album tracks were recorded at various times and places, mostly at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California: August 16, , between August 18 and October 14, and between January 5 and July 17, Other arrangements on the album are by Nelson Riddle and Russel Garcia.

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Michael Feinstein's first album, Pure Gershwin , contains the songs " 'S Wonderful " and "He Loves and She Loves," both from the Broadway show Funny Face but not sung as a medley as they are on the live performance video above. Sloane's rendition is more playful and up tempo than most other recordings of the song. Flexible with the rhythms yet never straying far from the melodies, Kent also pays perhaps the ultimate compliment to many of these songs by including the oft-neglected verses.

See Main Stage above same track as on album shown above.. Audra McDonald is accompanied by Kevin Kuhn on guitar. The album cover art as well as the song selection supports the irony. Same track as on album referenced above. The video itself contains the soundtrack which is what we care about but other than the introductory titles, there is nothing else to see, so just listen. Rainbow Round My Shoulder. Album personnel include Jay Berliner guitar, banjo ; Cynthia Daniels recorder ; Lawrence Feldman woodwinds ; Musiker piano, keyboards ; Peter Donovan bass instrument ; James Saporito drums and percussion.

On the track for "He Loves and She Loves" Asherie does the verse and is then joined in the refrain by Harry Allen on Tenor for a very nice up-and-back.

Bassist Joe Forbes and drummer Chuck Riggs show they know just what to do in the background. Asherie also gets in a gentle but crisp solo. The group makes the song new without violating its original spirit. The album combines some less often heard Songbook standards such as " The Trolley Song ," "Casbah," and " Soon ," with some lesser known but still special straight ahead jazz compositions. Also heard are some Asherie originals. Submit comments on songs, songwriters, performers, etc. Feel free to suggest an addition or correction.

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He Loves And She Loves

Not all comments will be posted. He Loves and She Loves. On the Main Stage at Cafe Songbook. Jablonski quotes a couple of the better known critics as follows: Knoph, ; reprinted as paperback by Da Capo Press, Visitor Comments Submit comments on songs, songwriters, performers, etc.

He Loves and She Loves

He Loves and She Loves. The World's Greatest Composers - Gershwin. Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert: Gershwin Songbook for piano four hands. The George Gershwin Collection. George Feyer Plays George Gershwin. The Authentic George Gershwin, Vol. He Loves and She Loves: